10 Most Amazing Giant Sculptures in the World

Are you want to see 10 most amazing giant sculptures around the world?. Here are given the famous statues in the world for you. Particularly statues or sculptures are used as a symbol. In our present world includes numerous giant sculptures but we are listed here the most beautiful sculptures in the world from among of others. You will be able to know some of information about the sculptures from this famous sculptures list. However, check out 10 most amazing giant sculptures in the world.

10. Forever Marilyn
Founded: 2011
Designed by: Seward Johnson
Materials: Steel, aluminum
Located: Palm Springs, California

9. London Ink Swimmer
Height: 10 ft
Long: 46 fit
Swimming: Through the grass
Located: Tower Bridge, London

8. The Magic Tap
Looking: Amazing
Appears: Floating in the sky
Located: Aqualand Cadiz, Spain

7. Oversized Silver Dog
Height: 20 ft
Built by: Laura Haddad, Tom Drugan
Materials: Steel skeleton
Located: Denver, Colorado

6. Dreaming Girl, England
Height: 65 fit
Appears: Sleeping girl
Sculpture color: White
Located: St. Helen’s, England

5. Die Badende
Founded: 2011
Height: 13 ft
Length: 99 ft
Artist by: Oliver Voss
Materials: Foam, steel
Located: Hamburg, Binnenalster Lake, Germany

4. Doll Sculpture, India
Founded: 2010
Appears: A cute children
Located: Visakhapatnam, India

3. Giant Woman Lying in a Photo Booth
Appears: A real woman lying in photo Booth
Wear: Beautiful dress
Located: London, England

2. Metalmorphosis
Founded: 2007
Height: 7.6 m
Materials: Stainless steel
Designed by: David Cerny
Located: Arco Corporate Dr, Charlotte, NC

1. Planet by Marc Quinn – 7 Month Old Son
Founded: 2008
Designed by: Marc Quinn
Materials: Painted bronze, steel
Length: 10 meters
Height: 4m
Located: At the Gardens by The Bay, Singapore