10 Lung Cancer Causes

Cancer is one of the most noticeable disease in the world. Thousands of men and women die every year due to cancer. Nowadays, men and women affected by many types of cancer such as liver cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer. Do you know that what causes lung cancer? Today we are provided here causes of lung cancer. So don’t late to know about the 10 lung cancer causes.

10. “Viruses”
You can face lung cancer by viruses. Cigarette smoking is most notable on this list. When other people do smoking and then if you do smoking from his so you can effected by it. That’s why you should be aware about it.

9. “Pipe and Cigar Smoking”
Pipe and cigar smoking is also one of the most noticeable cause of lung cancer. Pipe and cigar smoking is a old smoking style which currently not available everywhere. But it is available in many circles. If you have this habit so you should leave it.

8. “Hormone Replacement Therapy”
Hormone replacement therapy is also an another reason to be effected by lung cancer. So you should be remain away from hormone replacement therapy.

7. “Alcohol”
Alcohol is very harmful for health. Maximum people choose to smoke when they drink alcohol. That’s why they are effected by lung cancer. It is much possibility to be lung cancer due to alcohol.

6. “Radiation Therapy”
If you use radiation therapy so you can effected by lung cancer due to radiation therapy. Many doctors are use this therapy to kill cancer cells but you can face many problems for it.

5. “Radon”
Every year many people effected by the radon. It is one of the most harmful element for health. Basically, radon is a colorless, radioactive, odorless and tasteless noble gas. You should be careful from radon. Just remember, you can effect by lung cancer due to radon behind smoking.

4. “Asbestos”
Asbestos is also very risky for the health. Because you can affected by asbestos and for that you can face dangerous disease lung cancer. So be aware about asbestos.

3. “Air Pollution”
Air pollution is also a cause of lung cancer which is considered the World Health Organization in 2013. Huge amount of people being effected daily by air pollution. So all of the human being should beware from chemicals, dust and more.

2. “Secondhand Smoke”
Do you smoker? If not, so very good. But when other people smoking, that time do you stay around his? If yes, so you have big possibility to be effected by lung cancer. Because, every year thousands of nonsmokers die for cause of stay around smokers.

1. “Cigarette Smoking”
Maximum people know that smoking causes cancer but they knowingly smoke. Because of that, each year many people die for cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoking is one of the most notable cause of lung cancer. Smoking is a bad habit. If you are smoker so you should give up this bad habit as soon as possible.