10 Lung Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Do you know about the lungs cancer? And do you want to know that what is lung cancer? Many people know that lung cancer is one of the most familiar disease in the world. Every year huge amount of people die by lung cancer. If you want to save your life from lung cancer so you should be aware about it. It is the 2nd most diagnosed cancer between men and women in U.S.; Basically, lung cancer is divided in 2 types such as non-small cell lung cancer as well as small cell lung cancer. Different ages peoples are suffer by lung cancer. So all of the people should be aware about the lung cancer. Today we are provided here 10 lung cancer symptoms which you should not ignore. If you face these signs of lung cancer so you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. Any way, check out the list of 10 lung cancer symptoms you should not ignore.

10. “Coughing up Blood”

9. “Unexplained Weight Loss”

8. “Shortness of Breath”

7. “Frequent Chest Infections”

6. “Chest and Bone Pain”

5. “Wheezing Sound”

4. “Hand and Finger Pain”

3. “Voice Change”

2. “Difficulty Swallowing”

1. “Persistent Cough”