Top 10 Best Animals That Kill Humans


Top 10 Animals That Kills Human: Top 10 and best dangerous animals name given below…

1. Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are very small animal. But it’s very dangerous for human being. It’s scientific name is Culicidae.

2. Scorpion: It’s scientifc name is Scorpiones. It’s too much risky for the human. It has 8 legs and they are easily recognized by the pair of grasping pedipalps. Normally it’s looks black.

3. Hippopotamus: Hippopotamus is a large animal. It has four legs. It’s scientific name is Hippopotamus.

4. Snakes: Snake is a legless and very hazardous animal. It’s scientific name is Serpentes.

5. Crocodiles: Crocodiles are big hydrophyte reptiles that live throughout the ecliptic in Africa, Asia, and Australia. It’s scientific name is Crocodylinae.

6. Deer: Deer is one of the most beautiful animal. In our world include many types of deer like, mule deer, reindeer, white-tailed deer, fallow deer, moose, and roe deer. it’s scientific name is Carvidae.

7. Sharks: Shark looks like a fish but it is a very uncanny animal. It’s scientific name is Selachimorpha.

8. Bear: It’s a mammals of the clan Ursidae and classified as doglike carnivorans or caniforms. It’s scientific name is Ursidae.

9. Jellyfish: Jelly fish also know as jellies. It’s a free-swimming marine animal. it’s scientific name is Medusozoa.

10. Cape buffalo: Cape buffalo is a big african bovine. It’s scientific name is Syncerus caffer.