Top 10 Best Chinese Foods

Top 10 Chinese Foods: Chinese foods making way really different. They are use many types of way for make delicious foods. Particularly Chinese foods very healthful and delicious. Top 10 delicious Chinese foods given below…

1. Sweet and Sour: Sweet and Sour is very delicious foods in Chinese. Also It’s very popular in England, Europe and America.
Sweet and Sour Pork

2. Kung Pao Chicken: It’s also known as Gong Bao or Kung Po. It’s a very delicious spicy stir-fry dish with chicken, chili peppers, vegetables and peanuts.
Kung Pao Chicken

3. Spring Rolls: This is a palatable food and it’s popular in many countries. Particularly Spring Rolls used during the spring festival in China.
Spring Rolls

4. Spicy Tofu: It’s also know as Mapo doufu. That’s a very tasty food from Sichuan cuisine. It’s a most popular dishes in China.
Spicy Tofu 5. Won Ton Soup: Won Ton Soup also know as Hundun in Mandarin. It’s very healthy and tasty dishes.
Won Ton Soup

6. Egg Fried rice: Egg fried rice mixed with eggs, meat, vegetables and more ingredients. That’s very easy to prepare and too much delicious.
Egg Fried rice

7. Peking Duck: This is a most famous duck dish from Beijing. It’s considered Chinese National Foods. You will get this food in Whole Beijing.
Peking Duck

8. Fried prawn: It’s most popular food in Japan and China. It’s a peculiarity of the city of Nagoya. It’s a common food at bento shops.
Fried prawn

9. Dumplings: Dumplings is the best and most popular dishes popular dishes in Chinese prepared by frying, boiling, simmering and baking. That’s a very delicious and healthy food.

10. Chow mein: This a very common and most popular stir-fried noodles China. You will found it in restaurants all over the China.
Chow mein