Top 10 Best Natural Beauty Tips of All Time

Beauty tipsTop 10 Natural Beauty Tips: We are all of the peoples want to a beautiful face or skin. That’s why we are wasting a lots of time for take care our face or skin. Top 10 best natural beautiful tips given below…

1. Hair Treatment: You can easily get healthy & shining hair just follow some of steps like mix a banana an egg then use it on your hair and wash properly after 15 – 35 minutes.

2. Black Head Removal: It’s one of the boring matter for all. If you want to solve this problem just follow some rules like – take a fresh lemon piece wedge and mix some of honey then rub the lemon on your face for a while and after 3 – 5 minutes wash your face softly with cold water. If you want to best result so you can do that before sleep.

3. White & Bright Skin: Are you want to white and bright skin? So just follow some of steps like – You should be drink a lots of pure water because water is very useful for our face and whole body & enjoy sunshine from 7am – 9am Because Vitamin D is very healthful for our face and skin.

4. Nails: Are you want to get good and beautiful nails? Just drench your nails in olive oil and wash properly after 3 – 5 minutes. You will get good result.

5. Beautiful Face: If you want to beautiful and fresh face so wash your face with cold water after per two hours and do it everyday and eat Vitamin C related fruits.

6. Olive Oil Bath: It is easy to use. At first you can add 5 tablespoons of additional virgin olive oil in your bathtub and that’s ready to use.

7. Sensitive Skin: You can use for Olive Oil for your sensitive skin.

8. Mango Moisturizer: Normally we are all very known with mango but we can use it for get clean and fresh face.

9. Reduce Hair Dandruff: It’s simple method for reduce hair dandruff. You need just brush your hair regularly for reduce dandruff because it’s increase your head blood circulation.

10. Greasy Hair: If you want to greasy and beautiful hair so don’t wash hair everyday and you can use shampoo 2 – 3 times a week.