Top 10 Best Sports in the World

Football pic 1Top 10 Sports: Best top 10 and most popular sports in the world. There are many kinds of sports which gives us entertainment. Top 10 most popular sports name given below…

1. Football: Football is one of the most popular and very enjoyable sport in the world. This sport most popular in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and more. Thousands of the people like this sport. It has 3.5 Billion fans.

2. Cricket: Cricket is a worldwide sport. Specifically this sport most popular in West Indies, British Isles, South Africa, British Colonies, England and more. It has 2.5 Billion fans and this sport very popular in Uk, Asia, Australia.

3. Field Hockey: This game first played at the Summer Olympics in 1908 and 1920. It is one of the best games in whole world.

4. Tennis: Tennis is also known as real tennis or royal tennis. It has 1 Billion fans and it’s most popular game in Asia, America and Europe.

5. Baseball: It has 500 Million fans. Baseball is very enjoyable game and most popular in Japan, America.

6. Basketball: This sport is very exoteric in America. It has 400 Million fans.

7. Volleyball: That’s an excellent game and it has 900 Million fans & most popular in Asian, Asutralia, America and Europe.

8. American Football: It has 400 Million fans. This sport is most demotic in Africa, Europe, Australia & more.

9. Golf: Golf game is very secular in America, Europe, Canada, Asia and more.

10. Table Tennis: Table tennis is a fantastic game and it’s too much beloved of al in Europe, America, Africa and more.