Top 10 Dangerous Sports in the World

Top 10 Dangerous Sports: Sports are the best source for entertainment and physical exercise. There are many types of sports which is very helpful for our body. But there are some of dangerous sports among of them. Top 10 and most dangerous sports name given below…

1. Base Jumping: This is an amazing sport but very dangerous. It’s also called B.A.S.E jumping. This sport need to jumping from hundreds of feet above. Many countries didn’t permission for the Base Jumping. Don’t try to play this game without good practice.
Base Jumping

2. Heli Skiing: That’s a very enjoy-able downhill snowboarding sport. For play this sport need good practice and training. Particularly for play this sport depend on the weather.
Heli Skiing

3. Scuba Diving: Scuba Diving is a mode of underwater diving. For Scuba diving need to underwater breathing apparatus and also need good training for this sport.
Scuba Diving

4. Street Luge: Street Luge is a most popular a extreme gravity-powered mobility sport. Before play this sport need to wear protective leathers and helmets. For play this sport also need great techniques and balance.
Street Luge

5. BMX: BMX is an excellent cycle sport. It’s an abbreviation for Bicycle Motocross. For Play this BMX bike sport need vertical and flat roads. That’s why need good training for play this sport otherwise can to face injuries.

6. Big Wave Surfing: That’s a discipline in surfing. It’s play on the water. This is the best and most popular sport in the world.
Big Wave Surfing

7. Mountain Climbing: Mountain Climbing is very dangerous. It’s very risky to success mission. A lots of people faced injuries for play this sport. Also for Mountain Climbing need good training for success on this goal.
Mountain Climbing

8. White Water Rafting: This is an excellent and very risky outdoor activity. But a lots of people participate to the white water rafting. Because it’s a enjoy-able sport.
White Water Rafting

9. Bull Riding: That’s rodeo sport. This is a dangerous bull riding sport. When rider fall into the ground from top of the bull the are faced many injuries.
Bull Riding

10. Cave diving: This is a underwater diving in caves that filled with water. For Cave diving need some of instrument for stay underwater.
Cave diving