Top 10 Most Beautiful Hot Serbian Women in the World

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10. “Nina Jankovic”

Full name: Nina Jankovic
Born: 20 April, 1988
Birth place: Sabac, Serbia
Height: 5 ft 10 inches
Profession: Actress
Nationality: Serbia
Name of spouse: (Mateja Dicic – m. 2014)

9. “Bojana Novakovic”

Full name: Bojana Novakovic
Born: 12 July, 1981
Birth place: Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia
Height: 5 ft 4 inches
Profession: Actress
Nationality: Australian, Serbian

8. “Natasha Petrovic”

Full name: Natasha Petrovic
Born: 31 August, 1988
Profession: Actress

7. “Sanja Papic”

Full name: Sanja Papic
Born: 25 June, 1984
Birth place: Novi Sad, Serbia
Height: 6 ft 1 inches
Profession: Model

6. “Bojana Panic”

Full name: Bojana Panic
Born: 24 May, 1985
Birth place: Yugoslavia
Height: 5 ft 10.4 inches
Profession: Model, actress
Nationality: Serbian

5. “Olya Ivanisevic”

Full name: Olya Ivanisevic
Born: 28 April, 1988
Birth place: Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 5 ft 10.1 inches
Profession: Model

4. “Aleksandra Vukovic”

Full name: Aleksandra Vukovic
Born: 29 August, 1983
Birth place: Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 5 ft 9 inches
Profession: Model
Nationality: Serbian

3. “Barbara Tatalovic”

Full name: Barbara Tatalovic
Born: 23 April, 1996
Birth place: Valjevo, Serbia
Height: 5 ft 8 inches
Profession: Model

2. “Sonja Kolacaric”

Full name: Sonja Kolacaric
Born: 4 May, 1980
Birth place: Lazarevac, Serbia
Profession: Model

1. “Ana Ivanovic”

Full name: Ana Ivanovic
Born: 6 November, 1987
Birth place: Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 6 ft 0 inches
Profession: Tennis player
Nationality: Serbian