Top 10 National Parks in United States

Specifically you will get manifold national parks in United States but we are given here top 10 most visited national parks in United States among of others. All of these national parks are very stunning & beautiful. Particularly national park’s natural beauty looks too much charming. Many visitors visit American’s national parks every year. Any way, give some of time here to know about the top 10 national parks in United States.

10. Yosemite National Park
Founded: 1890
Area: 747,956 acres
Nearest city: Mariposa, California
Management: National Park Service
Designated: 1984
Type: Natural
Region: Europe and North America
Located: California, United States
Yosemite National Park

9. Yellowstone National Park
Founded: 1872
Area: 2,219,791
Designated: 1978
Management: National Park Service
Type: Natural
Region: The Americas
Located: Wyoming, United States
Yellowstone National Park

8. Rocky Mountain National Park
Founded: 1915
Area: 265,761 acres
Nearest city: Estes Park & Grand Lake, Colorado
Management: National Park Service
Located: Colorado, United States
Rocky Mountain National Park

7. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Official name: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Founded: 1916
Area: 323,431 acres
Nearest city: Hilo
Designated: 1987
Located: Hawaii County, Hawaii, United States
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

6. Glacier National Park
Founded: 1910
Area: 1,013,322 acres
Nearest city: Columbia Falls, Montana
Management: National Park Service
Dominated by: The Blackfeet in the east & the Flathead in western regions
Located: Montana, United States
Glacier National Park

5. Everglades National Park
Founded: 1947
Area: 1,508,538 acres
Nearest city: Florida City
Management: National Park Service
Designated: 1979
Located: Florida, United States
Everglades National Park

4. Denali National Park & Preserve
Founded: 1917,
Area: 4,740,911 acres
Nearest city: Healy
Management: National Park Service
Located: Alska, United States
Denali National Park & Preserve

3. Death Valley National Park
Founded: 1994
Area: 3,373,063 acres
Nearest city: Lone Pine, California Beatty, Nevada
Management: National Park Service
Located: California, Nevada, United States
Death Valley National Park

2. Bryce Canyon National Park
Founded: 1928
Area: 35,835 acres
Nearest city: Tropic, Panguitch
Management: National Park Service
Designated: As a National Park in 1928
Located: Utah, United States
Bryce Canyon National Park

1. Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Founded: 1930
Area: 46,766 acres
Nearest city: Carlsbad
Management: National Park Service
Designated: 1995
Located: New Mexico, United States
Carlsbad Caverns National Park