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10 Most Hottest Beautiful Native American Women in the World

If you are looking for beautiful and hot Native American women so already you are staying on the perfect place. Because here is a list of 10 most hottest beautiful Native American women in the world whose are professionally very known as actress, model, celebrity, singer, dancer and many more. In our list contains Brenda Schad, Radmilla, Charisma Carpenter, Jana Mashonee, Sacheen Littlefeather and more. Ashley Callingbull is one of the most hottest and beautiful Native American girl or women among of other Native women of America. Anyway, now check the list of 10 most hottest beautiful Native American women in the world.

10. “Radmilla Cody”

Full name: Radmilla A. Cody
Birth place: Navajo Nation, United States
Profession: Model, singer
Nationality: Navajo

9. “Brenda Schad”

Full name: Brenda Schad
Born: 3 April, 1968
Birth place: United States
Height: 5 ft 9 inches
Profession: Model
Nationality: American

8. “Charisma Carpenter”

Full name: Charisma Carpenter
Born: 23 July, 1970
Birth place: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Height: 5 ft 7 inches
Profession: Actress
Name of parents: Don Carpenter, Chris Carpenter

7. “Jana Mashonee”

Full name: Jana Maria Mashonee
Born: 11 May, 1980
Height: 5 ft 5 inches
Profession: Actress, singer, songwriter, author, philanthropist
Nationality: American

6. “Alex Rice”

Full name: Alexandrea Kawisenhawe Rice
Born: 1972
Birth place: Kahnawake 14, Canada
Height: 6 ft 2 inches
Profession: Actress
Nationality: American, Canadian

5. “Cherilyn Sarkisian”

Full name: Cherilyn Sarkisian
Other’s name: Cheryl LaPiere, Cher Bono, Bono Allman, Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere
Born: 20 May, 1946
Birth place: Centro, California, United States
Height: 5 ft 9 inches
Profession: Singer, actress, author, dancer, songwriter, television host, businesswoman, philanthropist
Nationality: American
Name of parents: Georgia Holt, John Sarkisian

4. “Crystle Lightning”

Full name: Crystle Lightning
Born: 5 February, 1981
Birth place: Edmonton, Canada
Height: 5 ft 3 inches
Profession: Actress, musician
Nationality: American, Canadian
Name of parents: Georgina Lightning

3. “Georgina Lightning”

Full name: Georgina Lightning
Born: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Height: 5 ft 4 inches
Profession: Filmmaker,actress
Nationality: American, Canadian

2. “Sacheen Littlefeather”

Full name: Sacheen Littlefeather
Born: 14 November, 1946
Birth place: Salinas, California, United States
Profession: Civil rights activist

1. “Ashley Callingbull-Burnham”

Full name: Ashley Callingbull-Burnham
Born: 21 October, 1989
Birth place: Alberta, Canada
Height: 5 ft 11 inches
Nationality: Canadian
Name of spouse’s: Ryan Burnham
Name of parents: Lisa Ground
Won: She is winner of Mrs. Universe title on 29 August, 2015