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Arnold Schwarzenegger Top 10 Best Movies of All Time, Arnold Schwarzenegger Best Movies List

Arnold Schwarzenegger best movies list, now you are going to read about Arnold Schwarzenegger top 10 best movies of all time. Already released numerous super hit movies starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He did great performance on many types of films such as action, adventure, drama, romantic etc. He is one of the best Austrian-American film actor, producer, author, businessman, politician and bodybuilder. He was born on 30 July, 1947 in Thal, Austria. He has lots of English best movies such as Total Recall, True Lies, Predator, The Terminator, Commando, End of Days and many more. Hoping you are eagerly waiting to know about the top 10 movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now check out the list of Arnold Schwarzenegger top 10 best movies of all time.

10. “Kindergarten Cop (1990)
Directed by: Ivan Reitman
Produced by: Ivan Reitman, Brian Grazer
Starred by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller, Pamela Reed, Carroll Baker, Richard Tyson, Linda Hunt, Ben Diskin, Miko Hughes
Production company by: Imagine Entertainment
Music by: Randy Edelman
Genre: Crime, comedy, drama
Released: 22 December, 1990

9. “True Lies 1994)
Directed by: James Cameron
Produced by: James Cameron, Stephanie Austin
Starred by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tia Carrere, Art Malik, Tom Arnold, Bill Paxon, James Allen, Marshall Manesh
Production company by: Lightstorm Entertainment
Music by: Brad Fiedel
Genre: Action, comedy
Released: 15 July, 1994

8. “End of Days (1999)
Directed by: Peter Hyams
Produced by: Armyan Bernstei, Bill Borden, Thomas Bliss
Starred by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollak, Rod Steiger, Robin Tunney, Miriam Margolyes, Udo Kier, Deerick O’Connor
Production company by: Beacon Pictures
Music by: John Debney
Genre: Action, horror
Released: 16 November, 1999

7. “The Running Man (1987)
Directed by: Paul Michael Glaser
Produced by: George Linder, Tim Zinnemann
Starred by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Conchita Alonso, Yaphet Kotto, Richard Dawson, Jim Brown, Mick Fleetwood, Kurt Fuller, Erland Van Lidth De Jeude
Production company by: Braveworld Productions, HBO Pictures, Taff Entertainment
Music by: Harold Faltermeyer
Genre: Action
Released: 13 November, 1987

6. “Conan the Barbarian (1982)
Directed by: John Milus
Produced by: Buzz Feithshans
Starred by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones, Sandahl Bergman, Gerry Lopez, Max Von Sydow, William Smith
Production company by: Dino De Laurentiis Corporation
Music by: Basil poledouris
Genre: Fantasy
Released: 16 March, 1982

5. “The Terminator (1984)
Directed by: James Cameron
Produced by: Gale Anne Hurd
Starred by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton, Paul Winfield, Rick Rossovich, Earl Boan
Production company by: Cinema ’84, Pacific Western Productions
Music by: Brad Giedel
Genre: Action
Released: 26 October, 1984

4. “Rotal Recall (1990)
Directed by: Paul Verhoeven
Produced by: Buzz Feitshans, Ronald Shusett
Starred by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin, Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox, Michael Ironside, Marshall Bell
Production company by: Carolco Pictures
Music by: Jerry Goldsmith
Genre: Action
Released: 1 June, 1990

3. “Commando (1985)
Directed by: Mark L. Lester
Produced by: Joel Silver
Starred by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeph Loeb, Matthew Weisman, David Patrick Kelly, Bill Paxton, Carlos Cervantes, Angel Garcia, Mike Adams
Production company by: Silver Pictures
Music by; James Horner
Genre: Action
Released: 4 October, 1985

3. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
Directed by: James Cameron
Produced by: James Cameron
Starred by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Adward Furlong, Joe Morton, Robert Patrick, Earl Boen
Production company by: Pacific Western Productions, Carolco Pictures, Lightstrom Entertainment
Music by: Brad Fiedel
Genre: Action
Released: 1 July, 1991

1. “Predator (1987)
Directed by: John McTiernan
Produced by: Lawrence Gordon, John Davis and Joel Silver
Starred by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Elpidia carrillo, Sven-Ole Thorsen, R.G. Armstrong, Peter Cullen, Sonny landham, Richard Chaves, Bill Duke
Production company by: Lawrence Gordon Productions, Davis Entertainment, Silver Pictures
Music by: Alan Silvestri
Edited by: Mark Helfrich, John F. Link
Genre: Action, horror
Released: 12 June, 1987