10 Causes of Hair Loss in Men: You Should Know Reasons For Hair Loss in Men

Hair fall problem is one of the most common problem for men and women. I think many people suffer hair fall problem in their life. All of men and women should be know about the causes of hair fall to protect their hair. It can occur for many reasons. Today you will get here a list of 10 causes of hair loss in men and women. I hope all of the people will be benefited to getting this hair fall reasons list. Besides, all of men and women should take care of their hair in all situations. If you want to stop your hair fall so just be careful about the following hair loss causes.

10. “Lack of Hemoglobin”
Currently Cause of hair loss in men is a common matter. Lack of hemoglobin is one of the most noticeable causes of hair fall. If you have lack of hemoglobin so you can suffer hair losing problem. So you must should be aware about your hemoglobin. You should eat dark chocolate, white beans, organ meats, spinach Sardines and more. You will find huge iron in these foods which will increase your hemoglobin level. And finally will help you to reduce your hair fall.

9. “Lack of Protein”
Protein is very helpful for the human being health to keep healthy. Besides, it is also most require for healthy hair. Lack of protein is causes of hair loss for men and women. That’s why, you need to keep enough protein in your daily diet. You will find protein in chicken, eggs, fishes, almonds and between other foods.

8. “Genetic Factors”
Genetic factors are also consider as one of the most reasons for hair loss in women and men between other reasons. If you suffer hair fall problem so just take a look of your family history. If your parents and grands parents suffered hair fall problem so you can also face this problem.

7. “Hormonal Changes”
Hormonal changes is also one of the most important cause of hair fall. Many men and women face hair fall problem due to hormonal changes. So if you face this problem so don’t worry. Just you should take appropriate step about this matter.

6. “Alopecia”
It is a very familiar disease from around the world. It is also known as spot baldness. It can occur in the whole head or some places of head. It is an autoimmune disease. You can face this hair fall problem if your family has this problem.

5. “Over Dose of Vitamins”
Over dose of vitamins is also one of the most important causes of hair fall. So just be careful about this matter. You should not take over dose of vitamins for your body. If you want to remain save from this problem so just

4. “Physical Trauma”
Physical trauma is also one of the most notable reason of hair fall such as car accident, surgery and severe illness. So if you face this type of problem so you have to be patient.

3. “Fungal diseases in Head Scalp”
If you suffer by fungal diseases in head scalp so you have big possibility to face hair fall problem. It is reasons for hair loss in men and women. Particularly old people and kids are suffer this type of diseases.

2. “Hair Styling Products”
At this present time you will find many kinds of hair styling products in the market which are using men and women. But do you know that hair styling products are not very good for your hair? If you over use hair styling products so it can damage hair that’s why, you can face hair fall problem.

1. “Pregnancy”
Pregnancy is also one of the most common reasons for hair loss in women. Period of pregnancy, women can face hair fall problem. But this problem will be solve within 3 months after delivery. But women should eat healthy foods period of pregnancy.