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15 The Royal Bengal Tiger Images

Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the most noticeable animal in many countries. Besides, it is the most noted tiger subspecies. Its scientific name is panthera tigris tigris. The Bengal Tiger is the 2nd largest subspecies, after the Siberian tiger. Maybe you know that the Bengal tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh and India. But you will find Bengal tigers in Nepal, Bhutan and some other countries. Bengal tiger is one of the most beautiful wild animals in the world. Normally a Bengal tiger height is 3 – 3.6 ft and length male 8.9 – 10 ft and female 7.9 – 8.7 ft.

They are come from felidae family and panthera genus. Bengal tiger is most familiar as the Royal Bengal Tiger in Bangladesh. You will get here 15 the Royal Bengal tiger images HD. We are hope you will love these Bengal tiger pictures. Many people want to see the tiger animal pictures that’s why we are provided here some of Bengal tiger photos or tiger HD wallpaper. Don’t miss to see this tiger animal photo gallery.

1. “Royal Bengal Tiger”

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3. “Bengal Tiger Pictures”

4. “Bengal Tiger Images”

5. “The Royal Bengal Tiger”

6. “Bengal Tiger Photos”

7. “Bengal Tiger Images HD”

8. “Bengal Tiger Pics”

9. “Tiger Pictures”

10. “Tiger Photo”

11. “Tiger HD Wallpaper”

12. “Tiger Images HD”

13. “Tiger Animal Pictures”

14. “Tiger Wallpaper”

15. “Tiger Photos HD”

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