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The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

You will get here a list of the most beautiful flowers in the world. And specifically all of these flowers are very beautiful also overmuch attractive. Particularly beautiful flowers gives us pleasure and happiness. If you want to get without investment so you can accept beautiful and pretty flowers which will give you real pleasure. In our globe includes thousands of beautiful flowers but we are not familiar with all kinds of flowers. If you like flowers so you can see here very beautiful flowers photos. Also you will get here beautiful flower names. Any way, we are presented here for you world’s most beautiful flower pictures. Check out the list of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

10. Carnations
Scientific name: Dianthus caryophyllus
Family: Caryophyllaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Dianthus
Order: Caryophyllales

9. Dahlia
Scientific name: Dahlia
Family: Asteraceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Dahlia
Order: Asterales

8. Tulip
Scientific name: Tulipa
Family: Liliaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Tulipa
Order: Liliales

7. Sunflowers
Scientific name: Helianthus
Family: Asteraceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Helianthus
Order: Asterales

6. Bleeding Heart
Scientific name: Lamprocapnos Spectabilis
Family: Papaveraceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Lamprocapnos
Order: Ranunculales
Bleeding Heart

5. Chocolate Cosmos
Scientific name: Cosmos Atrosanguineus
Family: Asteraceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Cosmos
Order: Asterales
Chocolate Cosmos

4. Passion Flower
Scientific name: Passiflora
Family: Passifloraceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Passiflora
Order: Malpighiales
Passion Flower

3. Corpse Flower
Scientific name: Amorphophallus Titanum
Family: Araceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Amorphophallus
Order: Alismatales
Corpse Flower

2. Lily of the Valley
Scientific name: Convallaria Majalis
Family: Asparagaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Convallaria
Order: Asparagales
Lily of the Valley

1. Rose
Scientific name: Rosa
Family: Rosaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Rosa
Order: Rosales

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