Top 10 Best Boutique Hotels in the World

Are you visited boutique hotel till now? if not so you will get here world’s top 10 boutique hotels information with images then you can visit most popular boutique hotels around the world. There are luxury boutique hotels, small boutique hotels, 5 star hotels. And all of these hotels are most beautiful and design-able also includes luxury hotel rooms. Anyway, check this list about the top 10 best boutique hotels in the world.

10. Berns Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden:
In this hotel includes music hall, gallery and multi media events cocktail club. Besides, you will get many more beautiful things in the Berns Hotel. It’s environment really quiet and charming. Berns Hotel is one of the best boutique hotels in the world. You can rent it for stay in the day or night.

9. The Soho Hotel, London, UK:
The Soho Hotel is a beautiful and luxury boutique hotel in the world. Its inside looks too much gorgeous and pretty. Soho Hotel includes 91 beautiful guest rooms, suites & apartments. Besides all of these rooms looks definitely unique. In this area’s restaurant and Bar is always full of noise.

8. The Upper House, Hong Kong, China:
Are you looking for luxury boutique hotel? If you need most beautiful luxury boutique hotel so the Upper House is okay for you. Most beautiful retail and bustling commercial complex, pacific place, quiet garden, dramatic setting for evening drinks, guest rooms and beautiful bed rooms you will found in this hotel.

7. Amandari, Bali, Indonesia:
Amandari situated in the traditional village. They are offering many things like luxurious spa, tennis court, swimming pool and many more. Also you will get here very amazing and beautiful dining room, bedrooms, kitchen room, living space etc.

6. Relais Santa Croce, Florence, Italy:
Relais Santa Croce is known as a most popular tourist destination in the world. This is a wonderful luxurious boutique hotel in the Italy and around the world. It’s includes 24 guest rooms if you visit this luxury boutique hotel so will be very enjoyable for you.

5. Hotel Franklin Roosevelt, Paris, France:
If you want peaceful night’s sleep you you can select the Hotel Franklin Roosevelt as your first choice. You will get in this boutique hotel 48 pretty guest rooms which rooms are very attractive and gorgeous also peaceful for sleep.

4. Royce Hotel, Melbourne, Australia:
Royce Hotel is one of the best luxurious beautiful boutique hotels in the world. In this area includes a lots of shopping & dinning neighborhoods. It’s insides rooms looks very elegant. In addition, they are offering grand ballroom, meeting facilities, banquet, library, gym and many more services. If you visit this hotel ever so will be very enjoyable.

3. Hotel Ella, Austin, TX, USA:
You will found in this hotel very elegant 38 guest rooms and 10 suites. It’s insides definitely very beautiful. It has been decorated by a lots of beautiful and amazing things. In addition, this building color and style looks wonderful.

2. Taveuni Palms Resort, Taveuni, Fiji:
Are you looking for one of the best resorts or hotel for your honeymoon? Taveuni Palms Resort is an excellent resort for the honeymooners. It’s really very spectacular destinations in the world. It is located next to the most beautiful beach in the Fiji. You will get here 3 separate private villas which are looks so elegant.

1. Washington School House Hotel, Park City, UT, USA:
Washington School House Hotel is one of the best boutique hotels in the world which includes most beautiful 12 guest rooms. Particularly, its wood floors and velvet furnishings looks too much elegant and attractive. This is a very nice location for the visitors.