Top 10 Best Universities in Canada of the World

You will find numerous top universities in Canada which are also most popular educational institutes from all around the world. Particularly top Canadian universities have good educational records. We are tried to share here top 10 universities in Canada. If you agree to see the top 10 best universities in Canada of the world so go ahead. Because you need to keep reading to see best Canadian universities. Also expecting that you are all will be benefited to getting this list of Canadian universities with short info.

10. “Queen’s University”

Nick name: Golden Gaels
Founded: 16 October, 1841
Mascot: Boo Hoo the Bear
Type of institute: Public University
Campus: urban
Phone: +1 613-533-2000
Located: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

9. “University of Western Ontario”

Nick name: Mustangs
Founded: 7 March, 1878
Mascot: JW the Mustang
Motto in English: 7 March, 1878
Type of institute: Public university
Campus: Urban
Phone: +1 519-661-2111
Located: London, Ontario, Canada

8. “University of Calgary”

Nick name: Dinos
Founded: 29 April, 1966
Mascot: Rex O’Saurus
Motto in English: I will lift up my eyes
Type of institute: Public
Campus: Urban
Website: University of Calgary
Phone: +1 403-220-5110
Located: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

7. “University of Ottawa”

Nick name: Gee-Gees
Founded: 1848
Mascot: Gee-Gee
Motto in English: God is the Lord of knowledge
Type of institute: Public University
Campus: Urban
Phone: +1 613-562-5700
Located: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

6. “McMaster University”

Nick name: Marauders
Founded: 23 April, 1887
Mascot: Mac the Marauder
Motto in English: All thing cohere in Christ
Type of institute: Public University
Campus: Urban
Phone: +1 905-525-9140
Located: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

5. “University de Montreal”

Nick name: Carabins
Founded: 1878
Mascot: Carabin
Motto in English: It shines by faith and knowledge
Type of institute: Public
Campus: Urban, park
Located: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

4. “University of Alberta”

Nick name: The Golden Bears (men), The Pandas (women)
Founded: 1908
Mascot: GUBA (men), Patches (women)
Motto in English: Whatsoever things are true
Type of institute: Public, Flagship
Phone: +1 780-492-3111
Located: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

3. “McGill University”

Nick name: McGill Redmen and Martlets
Founded: 1821
Mascot: Marty the Martlet
Motto in English: By work, all things increase and grow
Type of institute: Public research university
Campus: Urban Downtown
Phone: +1 514-398-4455
Located: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2. “University of British Columbia”

Nick name: Thunderbird
Founded: 1908
Mascot: Thunderbird
Motto in English: It is yours, It is up to you
Phone: +1 604-822-2211
Located: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

1. “University of Toronto Press”
Founded: 1901
Mascot: True Blue
Motto in English: As a tree throug the ages
Campus: Urban, 71 hectares
Phone: +1 416-640-5333
Located: Toronto, Canada