Top 10 Business Schools in the United States

Here are given a list about the top 10 business schools in the United States. At this present time business is one of the most important sector in the world. Thousands of the human being involved with the business. They are doing many types of business according to their experience. If you want to success on your business so you need to achieve great experience and for that need to study in best business schools. United States includes numerous business schools that schools are very helpful for the students. Any way, Check out the top 10 list of business schools in the United States.

10. Dartmouth College
Nickname: Big Green
Founded: 1769
Type: Private research university
Motto: Vox clamantis in deerto
Motto in English: A voice crying out in the wilderness
President: Philip J. Hanlon
Campus: Rural, College town
Located: Hanover, New Hampshire, United States
Dartmouth College, Hanover

9. Northwestern University
Nickname: Wildcats
Founded: 1851
Type: Private
Motto: Quaecumque sunt vera
Motto in English: Whatsoever things are true
President: Morton O. Schapiro
Campus: Evanston main campus
Located: Evanston and Chicago, Illinois, United States
Northwestern University, Evanston

8. Columbia University
Former name’s: King’s College
Founded: 1754
Type: Private
Motto: In lumine Tuo videbimus lumen
Motto in English: In Thy light shall we see light
President: Lee Bollinger
Campus: Urban
Located: New York City, New York, U.S.
Columbia University, New York

7. Stanford University
Founded: 1891
Nickname: Cardinal
Type: Private
Motto: Die Luft der Freiheit weht
Motto in English: The wind of freedom blows
President: John L. Hennessy
Campus: Suburban
Located: Stanford, California, U.S.
Stanford University

6. University of Chicago
Nickname: Maroons
Founded: 1890
Type: Private nondenominational coeducational
Motto: Crescat scientia; vita excolatur
Motto in English: Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched
President: Robert J. Zimmer
Campus: Urban
Located: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
University of Chicago

5. University of California
Nickname: Bruins
Founded: 1919
Type: Public, research, lang grant
Motto: Fiat lux
Motto in English: Let There be light
Chancellor’s by: Gene D. Block
Campus: Urban
Located: Westwood, Los Angeles, California, United States
University of California

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nickname: Engineers
Founded: 1861
Type: Private, land grant
Motto: Mens et Manus
Motto in English: Mind and Hand
President: L. Rafael Reif
Campus: Urban
Located: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. University Pennsylvannia
Nickname: Quakers
Founded: 1740
Type: Private
Motto: Leges sine moribus vanae
Motto in English: Laws without morals are useless
President: Amy Gutmann
Campus: Urban
Located: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
University Pennsylvannia

2. University of Virginia
Nickname: Cavaliers, Wahoos
Founded: 1879
Type: Public, private, flagship and research university
Founder’s by: Thomas Jefferson
President: Teresa A. Sullivan
Campus: Small city
Located: Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
University of Virginia

1. Harvard University
Nickname: Harvard Crimson
Founded: 1636
Type: Private search
Motto: Veritas
Motto in English: Truth
President: Drew Gilpin Faust
Campus: Urban
Located: Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S
Harvard University

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