Top 10 Countries with the Highest Population in the World

In our world includes many under developed countries with highest population. But day by day some of undeveloped countries going towards develop. And nowadays some of countries peoples are very careful about their birth of children. They are accepted only 1 or 1-2 children. Any way, Today we are described or listed here top 10 countries with highest population in the world. Although those countries are includes highest population but you will get numerous most beautiful and tourist attraction in these countries. You can visit all of these countries for enjoy its beauty. However, You will be able to know here about the top 10 highest population countries around the world. Check out the list of top 10 countries with the highest population in the world.

10. Japan
Population: 126,990,000 (Estimate 2015)
Census: 127,110, 047 (2015)
Area: 377,972.28 km2
Capital: Tokyo
Currency: Japanese yen
Emperor: Akihito
Prime minister: Shinzo Abhe
Official language: None
Tokyo, Japan

9. Russia
Population: 144,192,450 (Estimate 2016)
Area: 17,075,200 km2
Capital: Moscow
Currency: Russian rule
Prime minister: Dmitry Medvedev
Official language: Russian
Moscow, Russia

8. Bangladesh
Population: 171,700,000 (Estimate 2016)
Area: 147,570 km2
Capital: Dhaka
Currency: Taka (BDT)
Prime minister: Sheikh Hasina
President: Abdul Hamid
Official language: Bengali
Savar Sriti Shoudho, Bangladesh

7. Nigeria
Population: 182,202,000 (Estimate 2015
Census: 140,431,790 (2006)
Area: 923,768 km2
Capital: Abuja
Currency: Nigerian naira
President: Muhammadu Buhari
Official language: English
Abuja, Nigeria

6. Brazil
Population: 205,338,000 (Estimate 2015)
Area: 8,515,767 km2
Capital: Brasilia
Currency: Brazilian real
Vice president: Michel Temer
Official language: Portuguese

5. Pakistan
Population: 202,971,003 (Estimate 2015)
Area: 881,913 km2
Capital: Islamabad
Currency: Pakistani rupee
Prime minister: Nawaz Sharif
President: Mamnoon Hussain
Official language: Urdu, English
Islamabad, Pakistan

4. Indonesia
Population: 255,461,700 (Estimate 2015)
Census: 237,424,363 (2010)
Area: 1,804,569 km2
Capital: Jakarta
Currency: Indonesian rupiah
President: Joko Widodo
Official language: Indonesian
Jakarta, Indonesia

3. United States
Population: 324,099,593 (Estimate 2016)
Census: 309,349,689 (2010)
Area: 9,833,517 km2
Capital: Washington, D.C.
Currency: United States dollar (USD $)
President: Barack Obama
National language: English
Washington DC, United States

2. India
Population: 1,293,057,000 (Estimate 2016)
Census: 1,210,854,977 (2011)
Area: 3,287,263 km2
Capital: New Delhi
Currency: Indian rupee
Prime minister: Narendra Modi
President: Pranab Mukherjee
Official language: Hindi, English
New Delhi, India

1. China
Population: 1.3 billion (Estimate 2015)
Census: 1,339,724,852
Area: 9,596,961 km2
Capital: Beijing
Currency: Renminbi
President: Xi Jinping
Official language: Standard Chinese
Beijing, China