Top 10 Dog Parks in the United States

United States includes many dog parks and all of parks are popular. Generally we are all of people know that, what is dog? Dog is a domestic and useful animal. He has two eyes, two ears, four legs, nose and a tail. In our world’s includes different types of dogs such as Grey hounds, Bull dogs, Lap dogs, Blood hounds and many more. Besides, Dogs are very helpful for catching criminals by use its sense of hearing & smelling. However, We are given here top 10 Dog parks in the United States. If you want to know about the United States dog parks information so you can take it from here.

10. Ossining Dog Park
Located: Cedar Ln, Ossining, NY, United States
Closed: Saturday
Ossining Dog Park 

9. Warren G. Magnuson Dog Park
Located: Seattle, WA
Warren G. Magnuson Dog Park

8. Kenton Paw Park
Known: Pioneer Park
Located: Madison Pike, Covington, KY, United States
Kenton Paw Park 

7. Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park
Known: Alum Creek Dog Park
Located: Lewis Center, OH, United States
Area: Doggie beach in the United States
Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park 

6. Robert L. Nelson Dog Park
Located: Goshen, IN
Pavilion location: In the middle of the park
Robert L. Nelson Dog Park 

5. Bear Dog Park
Located: Roseville, Ca, United States
Area: 2 acres
Bear Dog Park

4. Friends Forever Dog Park
Located: Freeport, IL
Includes: big swimming area
Friends Forever Dog Park

3. Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Dog Park
Located: Richmond, CA, United States
Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Dog Park 

2. Bark Park at Snyder Park
Located: Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
Open: Everyday
Bark Park at Snyder Park 

1. Cosmo Dog Frak
Located: Gilbert AZ, Unitd States
Closed: Tuesday
Area: 4 acres
Cosmo Dog Park

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