Top 10 Hottest and Most Beautiful Women of Kazakhstan

If you are looking for top 10 most hottest beautiful Kazakhstan women in the world. So this list for you because here is a list of top 10 hottest and most beautiful women of Kazakhstan. Particularly Kazakhstan girls and actresses are very attractive. Many people want to know about the most hottest beautiful women actresses of Kazakhstan. That’s why we are presented here Kazakhstan’s prettiest woman in the world. Also of these 10 Kazakhstan women very familiar as the hottest actresses of Kazakhstan. They are very talented, beautiful, educated and attractive women of Kazakhstan. Hoping all of the people will be satisfy to getting these hottest beautiful actresses, girl celebrities or women of Kazakhstan.

10. “Jania Dzhurinskaya”

Full name: Jania Dzhurinskaya
Born: 6 December, 1990
Birth place: Kazakh
Profession: Actress

9. “Arujan Djazilbekova”

Full name: Arujan Djazilbekova
Born: 25 June, 1986
Birth place: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Profession: Actress, model
Won: The Ford Models Supermodel of the World

8. “Aliya Telebarisova”

Full name: Aliya Telebarisova
Born: 30 April, 1993
Birth place: Kazakhstan
Profession: Actress, singer

7. “Dinara Baktyubaeva”

Full name: Dinara Baktyubaeva
Born: 17 November, 1993
Birth place: Kazakhstan
Profession: Actress

6. “Aidana Medenova”

Full name: Aidana Medenova”
Born: 28 September, 1991
Birth place: Semey, Kazakhstan
Profession: Actress, singer

5. “Asha Matai”

Other name’s: Akbota Askarbekova
Born: 22 December, 1988
Birth place: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Profession: Actress, singer

4. “Bibigul Suyunshalina”

Full name: Bibigul Suyunshalina
Born: 4 July, 1991
Birth place: Kazakhstan
Profession: Actress, model

3. “Karligash Muhamedjanova”

Full name: Karligash Muhamdejanova
Born: 22 July, 1983
Birth place: Karaganda
Profession: Actress

2. “Bayan Esentaeva”

Full name: Bayan Esentaeva
Born: 9 January, 1974
Birth place: Kazakh
Profession: Actress, singer, Television presenter

1. “Ainur Toleulova”

Full name: Ainur Toleulova
Born: 4 February, 1995
Birth place: Kazakhstan
Won: Miss Kazakhstan 2011

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