Top 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

Already constructed numerous beautiful bridges around the world. Every year thousands of tourists come to visit these beautiful and outstanding bridges. Here is a list of top 10 most beautiful bridges in the world which bridges are constructed with gorgeously. All of these bridges designs looks so amazing and stunning. Check out top 10 list of most beautiful bridges in the world.

10. Khaju Bridge, Iran
Constructed: 1650
Repaired: 1873
Built by: Shah Abbas II
Body of water: Zayanderud
Length: 436 ft
Number of arches: 24
Material’s: Bricks & stones
Located: Isfahan, Khajoo Bridge, Iran
Khaju Bridge, Iran

9. Golden Gate Bridge, USA
Construction started: 5 January, 1933
Construction completed: 9 April, 1937
Designer’s by: Joseph Strauss, Charles Ellis, Irving Morrow
Known: Photographed bridge in the world
Length: 8,981 ft
Height: 746 ft
Width: 90 ft
Material’s: Steel
Located: San Francisco, California, USA
Golden Gate Bridge, USA

8. Millau Viaduct, France
Construction started: 2001
Construction competed: 2004
Designer’s by: Michel Virlogeus, Norman Foster
Length: 2460 meters
Height: 343 meters
Width: 32.05 meters
Material’s: Steel & concrete
Located: Viaduc de Millau, France
Millau Viaduct, France

7. Helix Bridge, Singapore
Construction started: 2007
Construction completed: 2010
Designer’s by: COX Group Pte Ltd (Australia), Architects 61 (Singapore)
Length: 919 ft
Material’s: Stainless steel
Located: Marina Bay area, Singapore
Helix Bridge, Singapore

6. Brooklyn Bridge, New York
Construction started: 1870
Construction completed: 1883
Designer’s by: Jhon Augustus Roebling
Length: 5,989 ft
Height: 276.5 ft
Width: 85 ft
Material’s: Steel & granite
Located: Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY
Brooklyn Bridge, New York

5. Rialto Bridge, Italy
Construction started: 1588
Construction completed: 1591
Designer’s by: Antonio da Ponte, Antonio Contin
Length: 157 ft
Height: 24.0 ft
Width: 29.2 ft
Located: Sestiere San Polo, Venezia, Italy
Rialto Bridge, Italy

4. Ponte Vecchio, Italy
Constructed: 1345
Designer’s by: Taddeo Gaddi, Neri di Fioravante
Length: 276 ft
Body of water: Arno
Located: Ponte Vecchio, Firenz, Italy
Ponte Vecchio, Italy

3. Pont du Gard, France
Constructed: 40-60 AD
Architect’s by: Charles Laisne
Length: 899 ft
Height: 160 ft
Width: 21 ft
Material’s: Shelly limestone
Located: Gard River, France
Pont du Gard, France

2. Chengyang Bridge, China
Constructed: 1912
Length: 211 ft
Height: 33 ft
Type: Covered bridge
Number of spans: 3
Material’s: Wood & stone
Located: Sanjiang County, China
Chengyang Bridge, China

1. Tower Bridge, England
Construction started: 1886
Construction completed: 1894
Length: 801 ft
Height: 213 ft
Architect’s by: Horace Jones, George D. Stevenson
Material’s: Steel clad in granite, stone masonry
Located: Tower Bridge Rd, London, United Kingdom
Tower Bridge