Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Flowers are symbol of love. You can easily show your emotion to your lover by the flowers. Besides, we can use a lots of flowers for decoration birth day party, wedding party, valentines day, home decoration and many more. One of the best and beautiful flower give you too much pleasure which won’t provide another things. In our world includes numerous beautiful flowers but given below top 10 most beautiful flowers name among of them. Check out world’s top 10 and most beautiful flowers.

1. Rose: Rose is one of the best and most beautiful flower in the world. Rose flower is considered as number one of top 10 list. Generally red rose is used as a symbol of true love. You can get rose flower in varieties color like red, yellow, black, white and more. It’s scientific name is Rosa and it is a woody perennial flowering plant.

2. Calla lily: Calla lily is a most impressive flower in the world. This is a genus of common flowering plant within the family Araceae. Calla lily flower looks in white color also you can see this flower in color yellow, purple, green pink. Calla lily flower is symbol of sweetness and beauty. Calla lily’s scientific name is Zantedeschia aetthiopica.

3. Magnolia: Magnolia’s scientific name is Magnolia grandiflora. This is a an ancient genus. Magnolia’s family is magnoliaceae. Magnolia flower looks too beautiful for its color and leaf. Magnolia found West Indies there are many colorful magnolia flower such as white, pink purple etc. Central America, southeast, North America and many more.

4. Water lilies: Water lilies are most well-known flower around the world. This flowers are rooted in soil in bodies of water with leaves & flowers floating on the surface. Water lilies scientific name is Nymphaeaceace and its higher classification Nymphaeales. Particularly we are known that water lilies is national flower of Bangladesh.
Water lily

5. Gazania: One of the best & most beautiful flower is Gazania. It is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae native to Southern Africa. Gazania scientific name is Gazania and its higher classification is Daisy family. Gazania flower color in yellow, shades of pink, orange and dark red. Definitely Gazania flower looks very beautiful.

6. Plumeria: Plumeria flower grows in Brazil, Central America, South America and Caribbean. Plumeria flower’s color in red, pink, yellow etc. This is a most impressive sweetest flower in the world. Plumeria flower name include in top 10 list. This is a genus of flowering plants in dogbane family Apocynaceae. Plumeria trees leaf and flower looks really wonderful.

7. Tulip: Tulip is one of the best and most beautiful sweetest flower in the world. It is a Eurasian & North African genus of perennial bulbous plants in the lily family. Tulip higher classification is Lilioideae and its scientific name is Tulipa. This is a spring blooming flower. Tulipanin is an anthocyanin found on tulips.

8. Dahlia: Dahlia’s scientific name is Dahlia and higher classification Coreopsideae. Dahlia is one of world’s most impressive flower. You will get this flower everywhere. This is a genus of bushy, tuberous herbaceous perennial plants. Dhalia was considered as the national flower of Mexico in 1963. It’s color in pink, white and more.

9. Hydrangea: Hydrangea’s scientific name is Hydrangea and higher classification is Hydrangeaceae. This flower is a genus of 70-75 species flowering plants. Hydrangea flower is native to America, Southern Asia and Eastern Asia. Also you will get this flower in notably China, Korea, eastern Asia and Japan. Hydrangea is a most pretty flower.

10. Canna: Canna is one of beautiful flower in the world and it is a genus of 19 species of flowering plants. It’s scientific name is Canna and higher classification Cannaceae. Canna flower is the Zingiberaceae, Strelitziaceae, Marantaceae, Musaceae and Heliconiaceae.