Top 10 Most Beautiful Opera Houses in The World

Opera house, beautiful houses, in our present world includes a lots of most beautiful opera house but we are provided here top 10 most beautiful opera house in the world among of them. Actually, opera houses are looks so beautiful for its architectural designs. Certainly you will be pleasure to get world’s top opera houses pictures with information. Besides, opera houses are landmarks for many towns. Check out the list of top 10 most beautiful opera houses in the world.

10. “Royal Swedish Opera, Sweden”

Royal Swedish Opera House took approximately seven years for it’s construction. Are you know that “Royal Swedish Opera House” is one of the most popular opera house in Sweden. This opera house located in the center of Sweden’s capital Stockholm, Sweden. Original Stockholm opera house designed by Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz and. It was opened in 1898.

9. “Teatro La Fenice, Venice, Italy”

It was opened in 1792. Teatro La Fenci is one of the most demotic landmarks in the history of Italian theater. Besides, It is one of the most beautiful and amazing opera house from around the world. It is located in the Campo San Fantin, 1965, 30124 Venezia, Italy. This opera house inside looks very beautiful and decorated with a lots of impressive things.

8. “Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy”

Teatro di San Carlo located in the Via San Carlo, Napoli, Italy. It was built architects by Antonio Niccolini, Elisabetta Fabbri and opened in 1737. Teatro di San Carlo’s origianl name was under the Bourbon monarchy. But nowadays it is very familiar as teatro di San Carlo. It is one of the most visited opera house in the world.

7. “Teatro Alla Scala, Italy”

Teatro Alla Scala is one of the best and most popular opera house around the world. You will found this beautiful opera house in Milan, Italy. Teatro Alla Scala opera house opened in 17778 and it’s capacity 2,030. It was originally know as the Nuovo Regio Ducale Teatro Alla Scala. You can visit this most beautiful opera house in Italy.

6. “Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia”

Bolshoi Theatre was opened in 1825 and it is one of the most historic theatre in Russia. It is one of the world’s most amazing opera house which is located in Moskva, Russia. Definitely that’s an excellent and big theatre. It was designed by Italian-Russian neoclassical architect Joseph Bove.

5. “Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, Argentina”

If you want to see this most beautiful opera house so you need to go Argentina. Because it is located in Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Teatro Colon is one of the most amazing and the main opera house in Argentina and it is decorated with many types of materials such as stained glass, statues, marbles and more. It was opened in 1908 and its capacity 2,487. In this opera house includes most beautiful auditorium.

4. “Palais Garnier, Paris, France”

Palais Garnier located in 8 Rue Scribe, 75009 Paris, France. It is one of the most famous opera house house in the world. It’s construction was started in 1861 and completed in 1875. It was built architect’s by Charles Garnier and it has 1900 seating capacity. You can visit this most famous opera house in France.

3. “Metropolitan Opera House, New York”

Metropolitan Opera House opened in 1966 and it is one of the most attractive largest opera house in the world. It is located in the Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 20023. Metropolitan Opera House built architects by Wallace Harrison, Harrison, Abramovitz Architects. It’s design looks outstanding.

2. “Sydney Opera House, Australia”

Have you any ideas about Sydney Opera House? Sydney Opera House is one of the most beautiful opera house in Australia. It is the best performing arts centre. It’s construction started from 1959 and completed in 1973. Sydney Opera House designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon. It is located in Sydney NSW, Australia.

1. “Royal Opera House, London, England”

Royal Opera House is very well-known most beautiful building in England. It is one of the main performing arts venue. Original opera house theatre was opened in 1732. Capacity of this Royal Opera House 2,256. It is one of the most beautiful design-able building