Top 10 Most Beautiful Strange Flowers in the World

Flowers gives us pleasure and smell. Flower is one of the most beautiful element of the nature. Normally we are all of the people known about some of beautiful flowers but in our world’s include some beautiful strange flower which is very amazing also looks different from other flowers. We are collected world’s most beautiful strange flowers.

1. Hooker’s Lips: This flower also known as Kissing Lips plant. Hooker’s Lips is a red color flower. It’s looks too much beautiful with green leaf and looking as like lips of woman. Hooker’s Lips flowers found in the rainforests of Central as well as Southern Africa. It’s red color and green leaf looks wonderful. You won’t found this flower everywhere.
Hooker Lips

2. Swaddled Babies: Swaddled Babies flower is also known as the Angloua Uniflora. Swaddled Babies flowers beauty out of boundaries. It’s looks like a baby hugged with swaddling cloth. also this is a very strange and pretty flower and wonder of nature in the world. Swaddled Babies flower grows in the Columbian Andes. What you think about the Swaddled Babies flower?
Swaddled Babies

3. Monkey Orchid: Monkey Orchid flower grows in the cloud forests of southeastern parts of Ecuador & Peru. Monkey Orchid is an amazing flower and it’s looks similar as a monkey. It’s eyes, nose and mouth is very attractive. It’s really one of wonders of the nature. Monkey Orchid also known as monkey Dracula.
Monkey Orchid

4. Naked Man Orchid: Naked Man Orchid is one of the world’s marvelous and different flower. Normally it’s color in white, and bright pink. Also it looks a lovely flower grows in Italy. You will see a lots of Naked Man Orchid flowers in Italy.
Naked Man Orchid

5. Snapdragon: It’s also known as the dragon flower. Snapdragon is a wonderful flower as like the face of dragon. Snapdragon flower grows in the North Africa and Europe, America. It’s one of the beautiful flower and looks too much strange.

6. Ballerina Orchid: This flower has fantastic color combination which looks so beautiful. Ballerina is a great and most beautiful strange Orchid flower in the world. Particularly Ballerina Orchid grows in the Island of Australia. Ballerina Orchid’s style and decoration really outstanding.
Ballerina Orchid

7. Duck Orchid: Duck Orchid is a great natural wonders of the world. It’s looks like as a real duck which is too much pretty and strange. Normally Duck Orchid flowers grows in the Australia and Tasmania. It’s color combination on brown and green. It’s one of the best natural strange flower.
Duck Orchid

8. Parrot Flower: Parrot flower is one of the world’s most beautiful and strange flower which looks like same as the Parrot. Parrot flower is found in India, Burma and Thailand. Parrot flower’s color combination looks too much beautiful as like real Parrot. You can considered it as a wonder of nature.
Parrot Flower

9. Bleeding Heart: Bleeding Heart also is one of the best and beautiful natural wonder in the world. It’s looking like dropping blood from the flower and it’s design looks like as a heart. That’s why its called a Bleeding Heart flower. You will found it in the Northern China, Siberia, Japan and Korea. Bleeding Heart flower is a very strange and mind-blowing flower.
Bleeding Heart

10. Dove Orchid: It’s also called as a Holy Ghost Orchid. Dove Orchid is one of the best and beautiful strange flower in the globe. Dove Orchid’s color combination in white and green. This Orchid grows in the South Africa. Dove Orchid looks like a┬áBird.
Dove Orchid