Top 10 Most Beautiful Treehouses in the World

We are listed here for you the top 10 most spectacular tree houses from around the world. Have you any tree house plans? if you have so definitely you can take great tree house plans from these treehouses. At this present time a lots of people build tree house for rent. Specifically, i loved too much awesome tree houses. If you want to visit amazing tree houses so just choose best tree houses from here and then visit the most spectacular tree houses in the world. Particularly treehouse designs are very beautiful and enjoyable. A lots of people like to live in tree house because its an extra glad. Look here top 10 most beautiful Treehouses in the world.

10. The Minister’s Tree House, Crossville, TN:
Are you know what is the biggest tree house in the world? The Minister’s Tree House is a biggest tree house around the world. It is one of the most spectacular tree house in the world. Has been used 6 trees for its foundations. It’s height of 97 feet. This beautiful tree house was built by Horace Burgess. Besides, this is one of the most visited tree house in the world.

9. Alnwick Garden Treehouse, Denwick Lane, UK:
Alnwick Garden is one of the most visited amazing tree houses in the earth. It was opened in 2005. If you go there so you will see beautiful juice bar, restaurants, classrooms, green trees and many more. You can go there for enjoy your free time.

8. High Tech Hideaway, Greece:
High-Tech Hideaway considered as one of the most visited awesome tree houses. It’s environment really peaceful and pretty. Are you know that who was built this awesome treehouse? It was built by Blue Forest which is situated in Athens, Greece. Besides, it is very secure for the visitors because its includes with the featuring fingerprint locks, state of the art biometric security system, & CCTV system. In addition, in this tree house includes beautiful bed room, bathroom, entertainment area, digital photo frames, game consoles etc. This treehouse insides looks very beautiful.

7. Reclaimed Tree House:
It is an amazing treehouse around the world. It’s area looks very attractive. In this tree house includes nearly 25 windows which are looks beautiful. If you have time so i will say that you can visit this most spectacular tree house with your mate or family.

6. The Mirror Cube, Swedenn:
The Mirrorcube tree house build by reflective glass, tree and aluminum frame. It is one of the most attractive and awesome tree house in the world. It seems a beautiful hanging glass house. You can visit this beautiful tree house attractions in your life.

5. Cedar Shake Tree House, Oakland, Calif:
it is one of the best and amazing tree house which located in the Oakland, Calif. Cedar Shake tree house design looks so much attractive. You should visit this spectacular tree house for enjoy its natural beauty.

4. Lantern House, Santa Monica, Calif:
It is one of the top spectacular treehouses around the world. This tree house created on tree but seems a hanging house. In this tree house used stained glass. A lots of people visit this amazing tree house.

3. A Live-In Oregon Tree House, Cave Junction, Oregon:
Are you want to see a most beautiful treehouse in life? If want that so just you can visit Cave Junction, Oregon to see here awesome tree house. It was built by architect Charles Greenwood. This tree house building design and mixed color looks outstanding. It has beautiful windows, door and stairway.

2. The Hemloft Tree House, Whistler, Canada:
That’s an unbelievable pretty tree house in Canada. Not only Canada but also it is one of the most amazing tree house in the world. Its egg shaped design looks wonderful. Hemloft tree houses door and windows looks marvelous and it was built a software developer.

1. Temple of the Blue Moon:
Temple of the Blue Moon is one of the best top tree house in the world. It is also too much spectacular destinations around the world. This handmade treehouse absolutely mind-blowing. Thousands of visitors come here to see this beautiful tree house.