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Top 10 Most Bizarre Hotels in the World, Amazing Unusual Hotels

Are you know that in our modern world includes a lots of amazing unusual hotels. Actually, you will found many hotel bizarre in the world which are very demotic. But we are listed here top 10 most bizarre places in the world with most beautiful pictures. And all of these are most visited bizarre destinations in the world. You can visit this 10 amazing bizarre destinations with your mate or family. It will be very pleasure and enjoyable moment for you. If you love these 10 special places to stay then share your experience with us. We will try to share more top 10 unusual hotels. However, Now check out here the top 10 most bizarre hotels in the world.

10. “Manta Underwater Room, Zanzibar
Manta Underwater Room is one of most bizarre hotel in the world. It’s looks very beautiful and attractive. It has 3 floors. Particularly when you stay in this underwater hotel will be fantastic feelings. This most unusual hotel located in Manta Resort in Zanzibar. You will be glad to know that thousands of visitors come here to visit this awesome underwater hotel room.

9. “Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland
It is a beautiful and enjoyable bizarre hotel in the Finland. Not just only in Finland but also Kakslauttanen hotel is one of the most bizarre hotel from around the world. You will be able to see sky from your bed its very enjoyable. Besides, some of rooms are decorated with beautiful outdoor swimming pool. Particularly its warm air really very enjoyable. You can select this bizarre hotel as your honeymoon destinations. If you go there with your mate so hoping will enjoy a lots.

8. “Das Park Hotel, Austria
Das Park Hotel Osterreich is one of the unusual hotel in the world but very beautiful and enjoyable. These hotels made by concrete sewers tubes which are really mind-blowing. If you ever go the Austria so just visit that. These concrete hotels also very cool.

7. “Giraffe Hotel, Kenya
Giraffe hotel is one of the best hotel in the list of top 10 most bizarre hotels. You will found Giraffe hotel in the Kenya. All of these beautiful wild animals Giraffes are play nearness the hotel because they are know that there are food. One of interesting things that foods are decorated at all the doors and windows of the hotel. This is a very enjoyable wild animal’s hotel in the world. If you want to enjoy Giraffes entertainment so go there.

6. “Sala Silvermine, Sweden
Sala Silvermine hotel located in Sweden. If you want to sleep underground so this is a perfect hotel for you. Sala Silvermine hotel is currently 155 meters depth. There are great facility about the communication you will be able to use wireless devices for communication. You can visit this bizarre hotel at any time.

5. “Capsule Hotel, Netherlands
Are you ever seen this types of hotel? This is a most attractive hotel in the world. It is located in Den Haag, Netherlands. This Capsule Hotel is very enjoyable and comfortable. Its outside colors are orange which looks nice. You will be able to sleep in this hotel together 3 people.

4. “Ice Hotel, Sweden
It is one of the most exclusive bizarre hotel in the world & beautiful places to stay. This most bizarre hotel includes a big 6,000 square meters of ice & snow. And this sleeping icy beds looks very beautiful. You will get here very amazing hotel rooms. This hotel’s inside decorated by ice sculptures & snow which are very elegant.

3. “Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile
It’s looks like a bird’s nest. It’s surrounded by the many green trees. Are you ever visited magic Mountain Hotel in Chile? It is one of the most wonderful bizarre hotels located in Huilo Huilo Reserve in Patagonia. It is also known as the Hotel Montana Magica Lodge. It’s inside rooms are decorated by numerous beautiful things. This most beautiful destinations visit a lots of adventurous travelers. It’s includes many most beautiful waterfalls and attractive things.

2. “Sand Hotel, Weymouth Beach
Sand Hotel is one of the most visited destinations for the travelers. If you want to enjoy a different entertainment so you should visit Sand Hotel. It is located in Weymouth Beach, England. You will see here most amazing sand sculptures on Weymouth Beach. It’s inside includes amazing sands beds, lounge area. You can visit this world’s most impressive Sand Hotel.

1. “Salt Hotel, Bolivia Luna Salada
This is only one Salt Hotel in Bolivia Luna Salada which is very impressive. Particularly I am very impressed to see this salt hotel. It’s interior mind-blowing decorated. It’s all the walls are made by salt blocks. Besides, the floor is sprinkled with salt crystals which look very beautiful. I think you should visit this impressive Sald Hotel which built by million salt blocks. Also it’s area very pretty.

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