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Top 10 Most Hottest Beautiful Bulgarian Women in the World

Hello dear friends are you looking for most gorgeous and attractive women in Bulgaria? If yes, so you will found here most hottest and cute Bulgaria women. Because we are provided here a list about the top 10 most hottest beautiful Bulgarian women in the world. May be you know that Bulgarian girls or Bulgarian ladies are very hottest and very attractive also much talented. In addition, you can found these 10 women in the list of mos popular Bulgarian people. Presented here most hottest and beautiful Bulgarian actresses, Bulgarian models or Bulgarian women photos with their short biography. Check out the list of top 10 most hottest beautiful Bulgarian women in the world.

10. “Stella Angelova”

Born: 28 October, 1994
Birth place: Targovishte, Bulgaria
Height: 5 ft 8 inches
Profession: Dancer
Nationality: Bulgarian

9. “Evgeniya Radilova”

Full name: Evgeniya Radilova
Birth place: Sofia, Bulgaria
Profession: Actress

8. “Vania Peneva”

Full name: Vania Peneva
Born: 1988
Birth place: Bulgaria
Profession: Model

7. “Nansi Karaboycheva”

Full name: Nancy Nikolaeva Karaboycheva
Born: 3 April, 1993
Birth place: Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
Height: 5 ft 7 inches
Profession: Model

6. “Rositsa Ivanova”

Full name: Rositsa Ivanova
Born: 1987
Profession: Model

5. “Gabriela Vasileva”

Full name: Gabriela Vasileva
Born: 1992
Profession: Model

4. “Silvia Dimitrova”

Full name: Silvia Dimitrova
Born: 1970
Birth place: Pleven, Bulgaria
Profession: Painter

3. “Romina Andonova”

Full name: Romina Andonova
Born: 1989
Profession: Model

2. “Dilyana Popova”

Full name: Dilyana Popova
Born: 24 September, 1981
Birth place: Gulyantsi, Bulgaria
Height: 5 ft 7 inches
Profession: Actress, model
Nationality: Bulgarian
Name of spouse’s: (Asen Blatechki – m. 2014)

1. “Nikoleta Lozanova”

Full name: Nikoleta Lozanova
Born: 30 November, 1987
Birth place: Bulgaria
Height: 5 ft 5 inches
Nationality: Bulgarian

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