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Top 10 Rarest Animals in the World, List of Rare Animals

Are you known about the rare animals?. In our globe includes thousands of most beautiful animals but day by day decreasing its amount. Because we are not beware about the animals conservation. All of the people should be careful and take care to the all kinds of animals. Here is the list of top 10 rarest animals in the world, which animals not found everywhere. And definitely all of these are most endangered animals. You will get here pictures of endangered animals, top rarest animals, the top ten endangered animals. Check out top 10 rarest animals in the world with pictures.

10. Blue Glaucus
Known: Sea swallow, blue glaucus, blue sea slug, blue angel, blue dragon, blue ocean slug
Scientific name: Glaucus atlanticus
Kingdom: Animalia
Genus: Glaucus
Phylum: Mollusca
Family: Glaucidae

9. Okapi
Scientific name: Okapia johnstoni
Kingdom: Animalia
Genus: Okapia
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Giraffidae

8. Venezuelan Poodle Moth
Color: White
Eyes color: Black

7. Kiwa Hirsuta
Other name’s: Yeti Carb
Scientific name: Kiwa hisuta
Kingdom: Animmalia
Genus: Kiwa
Phylum; Arthropoda
Family: kiwaidae

6. Bush Vipers
Scientific name: Atheris
Kingdom: Animalia
Genus: Atheris
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Viperidae

5. Visayan Warty Pig
Known: Warty pig
Scientific name: Sus cebifrons
Kingdom: Animalia
Genus: Sus
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Suidae

4. Sumatran Rhinoceros
Known: Asian two horned rhinoceros, hairy rhinoceros, sumatran rhino
Scientific name: Dicerorhinus sumatrensis
Kingdom: Animalia
Genus: Dicerorhinus
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Rhinocerotidae

3. Tonkin Snub Nosed Monkey
Other name’s: Dollman’s snub nosed monkey
Scientific name: Rhinopithecus avunculus
Kingdom: Animalia
Genus: Dicerorhinus
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Rhinocerotidae

2. Jamaican Iguana
Scientific name: Cyclura collei
Kingdom: Animalia
Genus: Cyclura
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Iguanidae

1. Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat
Scientific name: Lasiorhinus krefftii
Kingdom: Animalia
Genus: Lasiorhinus
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Vombatidae

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