Top 10 tallest man in the world, World’s Tallest Man List

World’s tallest man, tallest man on earth, here is a list of top 10 tallest man in the world. It is a really impressive matter that in our world’s includes some of most tallest people which is very strange. Because, you can see that a man’s normal height is 5 ft 5 inches – 6 ft 2 inches but also you will found a few most tallest person in the world. A lots of viewers want to know whose are the tallest man in the world. That’s why we are provided here a list of the top 10 most tallest man in the world with their personal pictures and a few info. Shown below top 10 world’s tallest man list.

10. “George Bell”

Full name: George Ball
Born: 1957
Birth place: United States
Height: 7 ft 8 inches
Known: As the tallest man in the United States
Recognizes by: Ginness World Records
Education: Biola University
Considered: As one of the best best basketball players

9. “Igor Vovkovinskiy”

Full name: Igor Vovkovinskiy
Born: 18 September, 1982
Birth place: Ukraine
Height: 7 ft 8.33 inches
Best known: As one the most tallest person in Ukrainian-American and in the world.
Profession: Actor, law student, interviewee
Movie’s: “Hall Pass comedy” movie which released on 2011 starred by Igor Vovkovinskiy

8. “Radhouane Charbib”

Full name: Radhouane Charbib
Born: 27 October, 1968
Birth place: Ras Jebel, Tunisia
Height: 7 ft 8.4 inches
Recognized by: Guinness Book Records as the tallest living man on 2005

7. “Ri Myung-Hun”

Full name: Ri Myung-Hun
Also known: Michael Ri
Born: 14 September, 1967
Birth place: North Korea
Height: 7 ft 8.5 inches
Profession: Former North Korean basketball player
According to the Associated Press: He was the world’s tallest basketball player

6. “Sun Mingming”

Full name: Mingming Sun
Born: 23 August, 1983
Birth place: Bayan County, Harbin, China
Height: 7 ft 8.98 inches
Profession: Professional basketball player, actor
Name of spouse’s: Xu Yan
Movie: Rush Hour 3, Rise of an Exile
Nationality: Chinese
Also known: As the tallest professional basketball player in the world
Recognized by: Guinness World Records

5. “Bao Xishun”

Full name: Bao Xishun
Born: 1951
Birth place: Chifeng, China
Height: 7 ft 9.5 inches
Profession: Herdsman
Recognized by: Guinness World Records as one of the world’s tallest living men
Name of spouse’s: Xia Shujian
Worked: At the Chifeng City local hospital for a few months
Nationality: Chinese

4. “Alexander Sizonenko”

Full name: Alexander Alekseyevich Sizonenko
Born: 20 July, 1959
Birth place: Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Died: 5 January, 2012 in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Height: 7 ft 10.1 inches
Known: As the world’s tallest man in 1991
Profession: Soviet Basketball player
Recognized by: Guinness World Records

3. “Suparwono”

Born: 4 November, 1983
Birth place: Indonesia
Height: 7 ft 11 inches
Name of village: Tri Tunggal Jaya which is one of the most popular Island of Sumatra

2. “Zhang Juncai”

Full name: Zhang Juncai
Born: 1983
Birth place: China
Height: 7 ft 11.3 inches
Province: Shanxi
Very known: As the verified China’s tallest man on 23 November, 2004

1. “Sultan Kosen”

Full name: Sultan Kosen
Born: 10 December, 1982
Birth place: Mardin, Turkey
Height: 8 ft 3 inches
Recognized by: Guinness World Record as the tallest living man with height 8 ft 3 inches
Name of spouse’s: Merve Dibo
Nationality: Turkish