Top 10 Valentine’s Day Songs, Best Valentine Song List

Valentine song, best love songs, here are provided a list about the top 10 valentine’s day songs. You will get in this list best romantic songs which songs are very popular as valentine’s day songs. Actually, valentine’s day is one of the most enjoyable and interesting day for all of the people. Besides, valentine’s day also known as saint valentine’s day. Nowadays valentine’s day observed in many countries from around the world. Particularly it is celebrated on 14 February. A lots of lovers show their love on the valentine’s day. Hoping you will be very glad to get this best love songs list for enjoy on valentine’s day. However, keep reading to know about the top 10 best valentine’s day songs.

10. “50 Candles”
Singer’s by: Boyz II Men
Writer’s by: Shawn Stockman, Tim Kelly, Bob Robinson
Genre: R&B, soul
Album: II
Released: 1994

9. “Let’s Get It On”
Singer’s by: Marvin Gaye
Writer’s by: Marvin Gaye, Ed Townsend
Genre: Classic soul
Album: Let’s Get It On
Released: 1973

8. “Come On Get Higher”
Singer’s by: Matt Nathanson
Writer’s by: Matt Nathanson, Mark Weinberg
Genre: Rock
Album: Some Mad Hope
Released: 2007

7. “The Longer We Make Love”
Singer’s by: Barry White
Featured artist by: Chaka Khan
Writer’s by: Barry White, Marlon Saunders, Aaron Schroeder
Genre: R&B, Soul
Album: Staying Power
Released: 1999

6. “Closer”
Singer’s by: Nine Inch Nails
Writer’s by: Trent Reznor
Genre: Industrial metal, alternative rock
Album: The Downward Spiral
Released: 1994

5. “Crash Into Me”
Singer’s by: Dave Matthews Band
Writer’s by: Javid J. Matthews
Genre: Rock
Album: Crash
Released: 1996

4. “The Bad Touch”
Singer’s by: Bloodhound Gang
Writer’s by: Jimmy Pop
Genre: Rock
Album: Hooray for Boobies
Released: 1999

3. “I Touch Myself”
Singer’s by: Divinyls
Writer’s by: Divinyls
Genre: Rock
Album: Divinyls
Released: 1990

2. “Fuck Her Gently”
Singer’s by: Tenacious D
Writer’s by: Tenacious D
Genre: Alternative, Indie, comedy rock
Album: Tenacious D
Released: 2001

1. “I Wanna Love You”
Singer’s by: Akon
Featured artist by: Snoop Dogg
Writer’s by: Akon
Genre: Hip hop, pop
Album: Konvicted
Released: 2006